Enmovil – Supply Chain Decisioning Platform

Pioneering Global Supply
Chain Excellence Through
Data-Driven Innovation

A fully connected platform for forecasting, optimization & planning, visibility and verification.


Leverage the power of AI driven intelligence to improve the accuracy of your demand, sales or
inventory driven forecasting and eliminate manual dependencies in identifying bottlenecks

Prevent yourself from inventory stockouts or
overstocking with Enmovil’s OptiPred

You focus on your business while we put do the inventory requirement analysis for you

Accurately predict product demand and product
consumption across SKUs, regions and dealers

Improved production planning with an accurate demand prediction for your material across customer base.

Plan & Optimize

Optimal resource planning is the backbone of successful supply chain operations.

Manual dispatch planning is extremely cumbersome
and can increase dispatch costs significantly

Optirun is the secret sauce to maximize your resource potential and minimize dispatch costs.

Never leave space unused

Maximize your container capacity utilization with Optirun’s 3D stacking solution

Maximize your machine and raw material utilization

Optirun’s platform delivers the best machine & manpower utilization plan to maximize production

Execute & Monitor

Experience a completely new OEM centric real-time visibility & analytics multi-modal logistics platform

OEM Centric integrated logistics platform to monitor and
optimize your logistics operations across diverse fleet owners

Autometrics’ built-in analytics and learning algorithms deliver insights to reduce dispatch costs & improve your bottomline

Real-time visibility and booking management
platform for all your import & export shipments

Monitor & Optimize your rail
dispatches with rail logistics module.

Visibility of all your courier & air
shipments in one screen

Verify & Close

Your fully automated freight verification and billing

Intelli-B is a simple, yet powerful, automated platform for billing verification and closure.


Your all-in-one platform for your
Business Growth

A fully connected platform for forecasting,
optimization & planning, visibility
and verification.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain instant insights into your supply chain with our real-time visibility feature. Monitor shipments, inventory, and demand at a glance.

Predictive Analytics

Harness the power of predictive analytics to anticipate demand and optimize inventory levels.

AI-Driven Forecasting

Improve demand prediction accuracy and enhance production planning with AI-driven forecasting.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Identify and address supply chain bottlenecks in real time.

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