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Enmovil achieves end-to-end ocean logistics management for a leading client


A leading client had significant overhead in managing multiple stakeholders in their ocean shipment logistics. They lacked complete visibility regarding movement of their containers and break-bulk vessels across various transporters. The lack of visibility was resulting in significant manpower overhead while lack of coordination was resulting in inefficient planning processes.


  • Enmovil’s ocean logistics platform enabled the OEM with a single-window platform with the following features:
    A fully integrated dashboard that provides visibility into all vessels used by the customer with real time location and ETA information. Furthermore, backend integration with OEM’s ERP helped with container & SKU level visibility with additional information on container tansshipment information. It enabled the customer with a fully automated platform that provided real-time insights for supply chain management.
  • A booking management platform that on-boards all the client partners such as the freight-forwarders, CHAs and transporters, which in turn ensures a seamless booking and documentation exchange through the platform.


Enmovil’s Ocean logistics platform assisted the OEM in managing the entire ocean logistics seamlessly with all the stakeholders leveraging the platform for communication and tracking import & export consignments to destination through a single window application.

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