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A leading automotive brand partners with Enmovil to optimise rail logistics cost


A leading automotive customer wanted to reduce logistics cost by maximizing movement of material through rakes. The management of rakes is quite complicated. It involves multiple transporters, regional restrictions on movement of transporter’s, Share-Of-Business management, rake servicing requirements etc. These constraints make it almost impossible to attain optimal rake management. The client partnered with Enmovil to make use of our solution – OptiRun-R.


Enmovil’s OptiRun-R leverages sophisticated operational research algorithms augmented by machine learning to deliver the most optimal scheduling & rake assignment with the constraints provided by the customer and thereby increasing the utilization of rakes by 10%.


OptiRun-R deployment resulted in annual cost savings of over $1Mn and additionally resulted in increased shipment of material to customer locations. Enmovil’s “OptiRun-R” significantly helped customer reach closer to the reduced annual CO2 Emissions target.

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