Enmovil’s platform delivers visibility throughout the lifecycle of the SKU logistics journey and workflow automation capabilities along with resilience in logistics decisioning, improved operations, on-time delivery, SKU mapping at each step, elevated customer experience and disruption in logistics technology.

Diverse data integration with IoT, enterprise and third party ERP platforms enables OEM, transporter and dealer with complete visibility and planning.
Enmovil’s integrates with OEM’s ERP backend to enable SKU level visibility.
Our algorithms analyse historical data of transport carrier routes which is overlayed with information like toll costs, checkpoints, road quality etc., to recommend the most optimal route.
Enmovil’s advanced route planning uses data from weather & flood portals to identify weather conditions and recommend alternate routes to destination.
Intelligent dispatch planning module learns your customer’s loading & unloading preferences and recommends how to optimise inventory at plant, reduce detention and maximise fleet utilisation.
Road logistics module works even after deliveries are complete. It understands the fleet movement to identify transporter’s business on return trips.
Our end-to-end rail management enables IoT driven consignment visibility.
Constraint driven rake scheduling algorithms maximize rake utilisation accounting for rake service times and rake route management.
Optirun, accounts for details like the transporter share-of-business when allocating loads to transporters and ensures equity of business to all stakeholders.
Optirun’s wagon utilisation feature ensures the wagons for each rake are copiously utilised. It enables you to extract the maximum value of your logistics resources.
Our “Dynamic Rake planning” module monitors rake movement and dynamically re-allocates rakes in case of missed schedules, thereby ensuring cost impact on schedule delays is minimal.
Integration with Indian and private cargo carrier portal enables you to get visibility into rake movement, indent management etc., directly through the application.
The application provides visibility of container movement, right from the port of dispatch until it reaches the port of unloading, including transshipment of containers.
Our advanced algorithms provide accurate ETA estimate on container movements to enable the Supply Chain team to plan inventory and production management.
The ocean module allows you to on-board all stakeholders like the freight-forwarder, CHA and transporter onto the application to increase visibility of transactions & transparency of operations amongst the stakeholders.
Integration with courier services like BlueDart, Gati, Delhivery, SafeXpress etc., enables you to track all your shipments through a single consolidated platform. Get real-time visibility on ETAs, delayed deliveries and delivery confirmation reports through the platform.
The platform auto-allocates consignments to transporter based on their assigned share-of business.
The module hosts a comprehensive booking flow management platform that connects the
freight-forwarder, CHA and transporter. This is in turn gives you complete transparency in air imports and exports through a consolidated dashboard.
The module is designed uniquely for managing the complex constraints of first-mile logistics,minimising delivery costs at the yard while maximising dispatches. OptiRun has demonstrably saved thousands of man-hours in planning and has proven to deliver significant cost benefits to our customers.
AI driven algorithms in OptiRun understand acceptable deviations and learn to mimic human-like assignments to further enhance capacity utilisation.
OptiRun monitors for efficient movement of fleet within the yard, thereby eliminating chaos and ensuring streamlined flow of vehicle movement. It enhances productivity of all resources involved in loading and unloading material at the yard.

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